Quality, not quantity

We're trail riders, just like you. Like most folks, we've bought and sold a few horses, trying to find our perfect trail
buddies. We've bought because they were big, because they were small and because they were pretty. And on the
way, we learned a few things, made some friends, and finally, after lots of tries, found our perfect trail buddies.

We learned that a great trail buddy is a well trained (notice, we didn't say 'broke') horse with a sound mind, a willing,
fun personality and a smooth, easy gait. Our horses are a blast to ride all day in total comfort and in complete
confidence, and they are our friends, too.

We've taken what we've learned over the years about a great trail horse and are now offering to you a select number
of gorgeous gaited horses, ready to take you out on the ride of your life. We believe in honest value, good horses
and great friends, be it people or equine.

Welcome to K M A Farm.
KMA Farm, York County Pennsylvania
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Okay, maybe not the most visitors, but we do believe
in quality, not quantity.
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